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Flood Relief Fund

St. Theresa of Avila has established a fund to assist the families who have bee affected by recent flooding.  You can make a donation in person or by clicking on the site below:



Divine Mercy Cenacle Class Audio Files

Janaury 19, 2016 Divine Mercy Cenacle #1     January 28, 2016 Divine Mercy Cenacle #2

February 2, 2016 Divine Mercy Cenacle #3      February 11, 2016 Divine Mercy Cenacle #4

Father Eric’s Course “The Mass”

Father Eric's Audio Classes


The Mass is the Greatest Treasure of the Christian Faith because through The Mass we receive THE GIFT that infinitely exceeds all gifts, Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself!!  And this is not because I say so, or even because the Church says so, but because He says so!!  If I could rewrite the old song by the   Supremes, “Ain’t no knowledge high enough, ain’t no gratitude deep enough, ain’t no devotion wide enough” when it comes to THE GIFT of Our Lord in The Mass.

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